General Update and Upcoming Review (Leica T)

Leica T. 

Been a while again. I know I said I was going to try and blog more. I think I say that at some point during every post. Reality is, things are always so busy that I rarely have a chance to do anything aside from eat and sleep, ha.

So, consider this an update on things to come! May promises to be a busy month. My mom is coming on the 13th from Canada. I’m getting married on the 20th. I have friends from all over the globe coming on the 19th. On top of that, I spend 8 hours a day trying to renovate the house I bought before people come and spend the other 8 hours working my day job.

IMG_2266 2
iPhone X. Snapseed. 

I only really take pictures near my house because that is all the time I really have. I sometimes take a break to take photos in the neighbourhood. I mostly just use my iPhone because I’m too dirty to grab anything else.

iPhone X. Snapseed. 

My nieces are becoming some of my favourite subjects. Sadly they aren’t round too often now since the house is a construction site.

Leica T. 

So, the upcoming review! I’ve been “using” the Leica T for around a month. I say using, but in fact I’ve barely had time to use it aside from around my room. That said, I have been preparing some thoughts on the camera. You’d probably be surprised, but I really like it.

stLeica T. 

I am completely over the idea that I need a viewfinder. I actually find it dumb when people say this. It is very rare that someone tells me they need a viewfinder and the reasoning is not related to some deep embedded hipster nonsense. The only excuse I can see for wanting a viewfinder is in super bright light and the huge screen does more than well enough from what I’ve seen.

As a bit of a precursor to my “review” I would say that there are lots of things I like but also lots of things I don’t like about the camera. The grip, being the thing I hated the most. I’ll explain how this was completely fixed by a simple accessory, though. Anyway, stay tuned for my full thoughts.

Leica M6, 28mm Zeiss. HP5 at 3200. 

Also have a post coming up about Children’s Day here in Korea. I shot my school’s party with an M6 and a 28mm Zeiss on HP5 at 3200. It was a blast! I missed shooting flash on a Leica. Also, the results turned out to be great from HP5 at 3200. I’ll talk about all of those things in that post.

Leica M6 “Panda.” 

I’ve been borrowing this M6 to shoot some flash and shoot 28mm and have loved it. Feels great to get back to the focal length that I loved for so long. I look forward to talking more about this in a future post as well. The 28mm Zeiss that I have been using on both the T and the M6 is such a great lens. About as “good” of a lens as I’ve used.

Anyway, that is about it for today’s update! Still more busy times ahead! Hopefully I’ll have time for some posts about my family and friends being here, moving into the house, and of course the wedding!

Iksan, 2018.


  1. We now expect daily blogs from you between the 13th and the 23rd, lol! Anyway,congratulations on the big event! Hope all goes well, and don’t forget us completely. 🙂

  2. Good luck with it all, and don’t forget to take some picture of the wedding 😉 I’m sure you’ve nominated someone to take your wedding pics.

  3. My best wishes for you up and coming life with a wife. I hope you are both very happy. I gave a speech at my nieces wedding and said “Pam and I have been happily married for over twenty years now. When we first got married we decided that she would make all the little decisions and I The big decisions. To this day I have yet to make a decision.” Food for though.

  4. Happy for you both, Josh, may life together be good and long, just as the home you’re building: solid bones and roots in history, sight set to the future. Enjoy the company of family and friends over the next whirlwind weeks! You’ll tell us about the T in due time, forget about us for a moment… 🙂

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