24 Hour Project: Busan (Final Kit Bag)

24 Hour Project Kit Bag, 2018.

So, this is my bag for the @24hourproject this year. I’ll leave work tonight and head for the port/beach city of Busan. The cameras I’ve decided to take are the original Fujifilm X100, the Leica T (with 50mm Summilux v2), and my phone. I’ll use the Fuji for street, the Leica for portraits, and the phone if everything else dies haha. I chose the Leica T (which I’m sure will surprise some people) because the battery can be charged in camera with a power bank and the Summilux becomes a good portrait length on it. The Fuji, I chose because I literally have the most batteries for it. I don’t shoot that much but it’s meant to be cold tonight so they might come in handy. It’s the original x100 that I took some of my favourite photos with (smoking lady, for example). I’ve decided to take a MacBook Air just in case and since it’s small it doesn’t take up much room in my bag. The other stuff you can see are some airpods, the Fuji charger, and a huge power bank. The bag is a@vanguardworld Havana 48. I’m bringing my Leica M3, well, because I want to ;).

I did a live on my Instagram (@jt_inseoul) today talking a little about the kit as well as the project in general and some other things.

Also, just wanted to extend a huge thanks to my good friend Jay from @leicastore_seoul_bando in Seoul for helping me get the T on short notice! And for always dealing with the most difficult customer in the world 😉 If you need anything Leica related be sure to check them out! Plus, they have one of the coolest collections of Leica memorabilia that I’ve seen.

Anyway, that’s about it! Hopefully I survive. If you have any questions, leave them in comments or on my Instagram. Answering them might help keep me up.

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