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  1. I just wanted to follow-up with our conversation on Instagram.

    I appreciate the process and boldness it takes to be in pursuit of something different and sometimes difficult in your path to something truly meaningful. To your life. To life in general. To the universe as a whole. It’s been incredible to see the results of this new perceptive that you’ve taken. Me in Chicago. You in Seoul. With an incredible distance and us being nothing but complete strangers to one another, I am connected to you through you work. I see you in your work. It’s beautiful thing.

    Again, thank you.

    I look forward to seeing more growth in your journey ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Jen,

      I appreciate your point of view and poignant words. I agree, as well. I think the internet far too often gets talked about as a means of voyeuristic indulgence. To me, the internet has done nothing more than create a place for people to share, meet, and even grow. It’s allowed the the shy (which I would consider myself) the opportunity to be less so and comfortably do so.

      Anyway, perhaps a conversation for somewhere else, ha. My email is if you want to continue. Or I’m jtinseoul on most messengers like kakaotalk or line.

      Thanks again,


  2. Josh I started reading about your road trip to Newfoundland and how you talked to the lady that raised you. I had a similar situation. My stepmother broke her hip while in Florida. I flew down to drive back to Toronto with my father. We talked all the way home. I learned more about him on that trip and it was the best time we ever spent together. It brought us so much closer together and I think from then on until he died that we had a special bond that was not shared by my older and younger brother. So much so that my stepmother was jealous of the relationship we had.

    1. Alan, I really was happy to read this. It is a really similar situation and quite a similar story. With, of course, the same result. It is amazing how 72 hours can be more important the scope of a relationship than the thousands that came before.

  3. Love your work. Interesting and dark in the sense of how your photos are. Especially the most recent ones. Do you use flash or just post editing?

  4. Hi JT. I remember to see you in Seoul in 2011, street photographer with two Leicas ๐Ÿ™‚ I was starting photography back then and you were quite inspiration for me. Time pass by and I see that you made shift, for good. I lost my photography mojo and I didn’t touch my camera for a year. Im slowly coming back to photography, just my mind changed – I feel urge to be personal, emotional. You are still inspiration, but Its great that pictures you are creating now … have guts, have soul. Keep it up man!

    1. Hi!

      Nice to hear from you! I guess I’m not much of that Leica guy anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰ Although that is certainly a change for the better. Glad to hear you’re coming back into it! I went through something similar. Anywhere I can check out your work?

    1. Hi!

      I do, albeit not often and do not have a proper place to do so. Email me at jtinseoul at gmail dot com if you have any questions about it ๐Ÿ˜‰



  5. I love your pictures and your honest blogging approach. It has inspired my latest post. I think you are achieving a much more consistent style that I am! Thanks for sharing your work.

  6. I was searching about the Fuji x100t and what the prices of it were in Korea cause I’m headed to Seoul in 2 weeks, so no surprise the keywords took me to your blog. And I just started reading a bunch of your posts. I’ve actually been following you and @wearethesreet for quite some time now and I’ve found a bunch of inspiration from your page and I really enjoy the @wearethestreet take over posts as it gives a chance for other photographers to be noticed. But I never knew you had a blog and I’m actually pleased I’ve come across it. Keep up the good work man!

  7. Hello there! I’ve been a longtime reader of yor blog. It’s really difficult when you do a hiatus once and a while haha Just wanted to ask, how do you write your stories? I mean, do you take notes as your day goes along and review the photos you have and alot an hour for writing, or you just do everything spontaneously? I try to blog, so many thoughts on my mind but I can’t materialize it into a paragraph or pick a photo for it.

    lastly thanks for still doing this blog man.

  8. Josh, I really love your product. I actually shoot HP5 at all speeds and in fact I believe the iso limit and how it reacts at different speeds is something I consider to part of the mood or look that day. But I use it in all formats, everything from 35mm โ€“ 4ร—5. Have you ever shot with medium format? I really think that the square format from something like a C330 would go really well with your perception. Just an idea. Also, although I cannot afford a GR film camera I do use a GXR and the BW out of the digital ricohs is amazing.

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