Newfoundland, Canada.
Newfoundland, Canada.

Port au Port, Newfoundland, Canada.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about this topic. I don’t know enough much of what goes on in my home province anymore.

I see the posts. When I say ‘see’ I mean I scroll through them. Sad, really.

After reading a recent article on the matter, I’ve realized it’s something that needs to be understood. Not knowing the technicalities nor the risks, it’s hard to say what will be the finale to this topic.

What I do know is that anything man made has a mean time to failure. Nothing man made lasts forever.

A fact.

Will the companies that operate and maintain such procedures be around in the decades from now when such maintenance is needed. Will Oil companies be around at all in the next ten? Five? It’s hard to say. With  hydrogen cells nearing “feasibility” it is quite possible we are in the twilight of the oil driven world. If that’s the case, I fear for the future of my fair homeland if no one is around to look after something that is certain to fail.

Especially when the money from oil will in probability be made and spent by then.


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