In Yourself

Seoul, South Korea.
Seoul, South Korea.

In Yourself.

The human condition of wanted and needed success often dictates the pressures that inherently follow such wants and needs. We want to be successful. We want to be rich. A great job, a nice car, a house. We covet these ideals as they seem the only road to happiness. “In order to be happy, I must first be successful.” People live in the fear of being failures. “I will never be happy if I don’t succeed.” It’s never as simple as that. 

“Happiness can only exist in acceptance.” 

It’s taken me a long time to learn that happiness doesn’t come from success. It doesn’t come from what you need to do or have. Even when I thought I’d learned, I in fact, hadn’t. 

Happiness can only exist in accepting that in order to be happy you needn’t look to far or too deep. Make the best of this day. Of this hour. Minute. 

Happiness can only exist in acceptance. 

The path to acceptance usually starts with yourself. Usually starts with trust. One cannot hope to conquer the need for success without first trusting the fact that success in life has often very little to do with the job you have or the car you drive. 

Or the camera you own.

The confidence to be yourself and trust yourself is more akin to what I might call success. If you trust yourself, trust in yourself, you can make the decisions in life that others may not agree with. They usually don’t agree because they don’t understand. No one can really understand your path but you. 

Someone may think they can guide you along a path to success, 

but in the end,

who makes the steps?


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