Neverland, First Solo Zine Available !

Neverland_Korea.v1 2
Neverland: Korea Volume I

After much ado, my first solo zine is now available. It’s been a long time coming and I apologize for the wait!

The photos found in this zine are mostly street photos, which is where I had my start. This book is special to me because of the title:


This is what my father used to call Korea whenever he called me. He called it Neverland because he said it was a place I’d come to to avoid growing up. That’s fine, and I think it is true on most levels. He didn’t like the idea of me coming to Korea, initially. However, eventually, he came around. Just before he passed he told me he was proud of me for coming. Proud of me for following my heart.

To Neverland.

The zine can be found here:


Neverland: Korea Volume I


  1. Look forward to receiving my copy, Josh; Love the sentiment behind it, the whole father connection. Wanting to have our parents be proud of us, I don’t think it is something that ever leaves us, no matter how old we are.

    Seeing this also encourages me to get on with finishing my own publication, which is about 90% finished; maybe I should call it (Procrastination), ha. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Congrats Josh with your first zine. Letting go your photographs in printed form, be it book, zine, or exhibition, is an absolute rollercoaster. I worked on my book over four years and it was so tough to finally press the final publish button. My first proper exhibition was over three years ago and I still can’t enjoy that. So I look forward seeing your work in print, and I’m happy to support you with your photography.

  3. Hi, Josh. Congratulations! Do you have any ideas to sell your zine on other planform? For example, on Amazon. I live in St.Petersburg, Russia and Magcloud doesn’t send your zine in Russia. Thanks!

  4. The zine arrived yesterday – really a piece of art: appealing format and good selection of very special photos. A unique view at everyday life – super!

  5. I just got my copy, Josh, and I’m happily turning the pages over and over and over again.
    I like the unconventional ‘slim A5’ format, perfect for 3:2 images. It’s a great selection, I’ll spend time studying the sequencing you chose.
    Looking forward to Volume 2!

  6. Just ordered the zine, it will take a few weeks to get to UK. I love your portraits on the website, and looking forward to seeing them in print.

      1. Yes thanks, did you know you sent me two copies?

        We are fascinated by Korea in my family, but your portraits are so intimate and intrusive, they speak to me as more authentic than the BBC, and as a Canadian you know that is a compliment!

        I love your site, you have such a curious eye for the details, I have learned a lot about how to frame a shot by looking at your work.

        I’m studying photography this term and I’ll make a start on b+w film, it’s beautiful.

        Does your dad smile on being in the acknowledgements?

      2. Hi!

        I am very glad they found their way there. I hope you enjoy them.

        Korea is an interesting place. I love it here, hence I’ve bought a house and settled down. It is home now and will remain so.

        Thanks for the compliment about the photos. As a foreigner here I reckon I could never truly understand the thousands of years of culture. That being said, I selfishly consider the photos to be a self portrait of my time here. It and they are how I see this place.

        Interesting that you’re studying photography. I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions or would like to talk further on the topic please shoot me an email any time 🙂

        I think there might have been a mix-up with the zines, but, I’m sure it is fine to pass one along to a friend or someone who might be interested in it.

        Best regards,


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