Long Time No See: The Photography Talkshow and the iPhone SE

IMG_0027 (1)-Edit
Iksan, South Korea. iPhone SE.

Been quite a while since I’ve posted! Unfortunately this isn’t much more than a bit of an update. The summer is terrible here in Korea. Way too hot.. Also, I have been in the process of moving so it has been hard to post.

Recently, I broke down and purchased the iPhone SE. When I heard it was coming out I knew I was going to get one. The iPhone 5/5S were my favorite of the iPhones so this one is perfect for me. I love it so far. I will be posting more about it shortly when I have some more time to shoot with it.

The above was the first photo from the SE. These women were just outside my apartment. They wanted to know where I was from and how long I had been in Korea. When I told them almost seven years the one on the left said something like, ‘그냥 한국 사람 흐흐..’

Translated, ‘just a Korean person then, haha..’

I guess I’m just not that interesting anymore..

On a side note, I was recently interviewed for the Photography Talkshow. If anyone wants to listen to me talk a little about Korea and photography for an hour or so you can find it here: http://www.photographytalkshow.com/pts-022-josh-white/ or on iTunes or whatever podcatcher you use.

Let me know what you think!


Hopefully back soon with a more proper post!

View from my new apartment. Iksan, South Korea. iPhone SE.




  1. I’ll find a moment to check out your interview…

    In the meantime, the iPhone SE seems to me to be the best offering from Apple for the moment. I don’t like the form factor of all the 6’es. The small, elegant shape of the 4s / 5 / 5s and now SE just appeal to me. And with the great camera from the 6 and the small price, it’s perfect.

    Great pictures you got there – don’t tell anyone and they won’t notice it’s ‘just’ an iPhone! Know what I mean…. all this ‘the best camera is the one you have always with you’ stuff…

  2. Looking forward to your thought again Josh. “Still” on a 5S, unable to go past the clumsiness of a too thin, too light instrument to screen-poke fingers at… How do you grip the phone? I try and use the hard button as a shutter trigger, but it’s less than ideally located vs/ the camera lens…

  3. Phones, phones… Awfully uncomfortable form factor. Love my 5S but I have struggled to make it into a real tool that I can use as part of my workflow. Good for note-taking but I miss a good grip… Not giving up totally, but the smallest I can seriously use is the Ricoh GR…
    Great images as usual, Josh.
    I’m listening to your podcast as I write. Makes us understand a bit more of you in a different format.
    Take care and keep shooting…

    1. Thanks Giovanni! Always happy to hear you’re still reading. You will be getting a kind of a shout out in the next post actually haha. Yeah, I think the phone thing is always a hard one. Maybe because I started using them early I have taken to them a bit more. I agree with you regarding the form factor versus a real camera. I think they are excellent for the moments when I dont have a real camera. I don’t or wouldn’t recommend it being the ‘only’ camera someone uses. Especially not if they want to enjoy the act of shooting.

  4. Very nice interview Josh! I’m looking forward to your YouTube channel 😉 Did you notice a huge difference in your pictures from your first year until now? It is really difficult for me to close the gap to my subjects, even if I can give them a compliment, my Chinese is still too bad to talk to them properly (have to work on that…).

    1. I think I have certainly gotten closer lately. I was never particularly nervous so I’m not sure that part has really changed. I would say you should surely try and get better at the language. Don’t be one of those expats that is lazy about learning because they can ‘get by’… Makes the rest of us look bad 😉 haha.

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