Seoul. November, 2013. Ricoh GRD3
Seoul. November, 2013. Ricoh GRD3.

The season of change.

“Trees withstand the hardest things nature throw at them and never waver. Trees loose their leaves in winter, but they never loose their gumption. When winter comes, they stand strong as they know winter is just a part of a cycle that will once again bring spring.”

(From my project, The Culture)

Things change, always. Things are cyclical, always. 

A year ago looking at a similar scene out of my Toronto window felt completely different. Living with people but being alone. Feeling alone. Having nothing left to take this picture. 

Things always come back around. A year later and I see winter entirely differently. Things are in my favor. The coming cold represents nothing more than the need for a coat. 

I don’t care much for cameras anymore. Three years ago, my blog was all about gear. All about cameras. It’s true, I really don’t care anymore. I suppose a representation of something much bigger than a camera. Using an old Ricoh GRD3 donated by a friend I remembered having one before. 

A new appreciation for everything now. Something as simple as a small camera represents a change in mentality. I’ve learned to appreciate. 

I think that’s a word I didn’t know the meaning of until recently. 

Sometimes it takes things to come around a couple of times in order to really appreciate their value. 

"Old Friend" Seoul, November 2013.
“Old Friend” Seoul, November 2013.


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