1. Another superb project, I really enjoy these. Not only the photography but I really like how you present the images. Your editing process is spot on and even though they are shot on a range of cameras I appreciate the post-processing you’ve done to cohesively tie these together. Your work is up there with Jacob Aue Sobol’s in my opinion.

    1. Hi Lee, sorry I haven’t responded yet but I wasn’t entirely sure what to say after such a flattering comment. The thing I appreciate the most about Sobol’s work is that he shoots for himself and shoots photos that mean something to him. I want to do the same. Really appreciate the compliment, Lee.

  2. I like this set very much! Very contrasty black and white and pictures dynamic in a “photojournalistic” kind of way. Interesting way of presenting the photos (as opposed to regular side-by-side placement). However, I’d love to see them bigger (some of them are just too small to see the details comfortably, especially vertical ones).

  3. I agree with Patrick on some images being too small. But I like your way of shooting very much and I aspire to it. I have liked the works of Sobol’s as well and now you are on my list as well…not only this, other posts and projects are good as well!!!

    1. Thanks Dipu, I understand about the images being small. It is kind of just the way it works with the portfolio template I use. I’m terrible at this type of thing and appreciate the input.

      Really appreciate the kind comments too!

    1. Moriyama did a book called labyrinth, although I wasn’t aware of it when I shot these. Just the definition of the word matched what I wanted to show.

  4. ohh!! There’s a song by Pink Floyd-echoes, I love the word “labyrinth” used in that song and I thought may be you used from that song.. I was hoping to use that word in a project 🙂

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