Workshop, Life, and New Beginnings

Fujifilm X100V. Iksan, South Korea

It’s been a while! solidly into 2021 now and things are looking, well, up? I guess?

Me? Let’s start with the workshop!

The question I get most often about my photography is how do I edit digital photos. People tend to read old blog posts and struggle with the fact that I processed differently then or used different programs or presets. Things change, as do cameras, shooting styles, etc. It’s kinda how we roll, photographers, innit?

Well, I decided the best way to go about explaining my process would be to have a couple of seminars where I go over it in detail! The workshops will take place on April 17th (one 8:00AM-11:00AM Korean time, one 11:00PM-2:00AM Korean time) and will be fun and interactive sessions where students get to see my process as it is from start to finish as well as hear about the progressions I made from how I once processed photos to how I do now.

iPhone 11 Pro. Jeju Island, South Korea.

A mouthful!

I think one of my greatest assets is my editing / processing. I use a ton of different cameras and have used even more. I think in a way, this has forced me to streamline my editing and processing and to try and form a sense of consistency in my imagines no matter what camera I’m using (from an iPhone to a Leica). I hope I can help some of you with this struggle! I know the struggle is real, ha.

iPhone XS. Iksan, South Korea.

Interested in signing up? Follow the link below! Any questions? DM me on Instagram (jtinseoul), email me jtinseoul @, or ask in the comments!


Fujifilm X10. Toronto, Ontario.

So how’s life in general? Well, it’s okay! Baby coming in 7 weeks or so so that’s exciting. Nervous? Sure. More excited though 😉 A post on the pregnancy and the struggle of a 12 months its been is coming soon so I shall not explain too much.

For me personally, I’ve started a couple of new things. I started a new job! It’s been good. Creatively I felt in a bit of a rut so my wife suggested I make some Youtube videos like the ones I always watched so I started posting, erm, bag reviews on Youtube! I’ve been a bag nerd forever so it’s been a lot of fun and gives me something to “grow” which has been fun. I’m hoping that energy transfers into the photographic aspects of my life.


Anyway, that’s about it for me! As I mentioned, any questions feel free to let me know!

Fujifilm X100T. Seoul, South Korea.
iPhone 11 Pro. Iksan, South Korea.

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