What’s in my “Bag?” (2020)

Wandrd Prvke. Iksan, South Korea.

“What’s in your bag?”

It’s been a while since someone asked me this. Maybe I’m not as popular as I used to be, ha. Maybe travel is non-existent so no one cares. Probably a bit of both.

Wandrd Prvke. Iksan, South Korea.

Let me start with a bit of a confession. I am a bit of a bag whore. I mean, I love bags. I like bags more than cameras.

True story.

The quest for the perfect camera / travel / everyday bag is a long and treacherous one. A scary one.

I change bags a lot. I don’t usually even like camera specific bags. It was always a struggle to figure out which bag to use.

Not because I hated them all, more because I liked most.

At least, for a time.

The bag above is the Wandrd Prvke. I tend to use one of two bags most often. If it’s raining hard, I go with this PRVKE. If it’s not raining hard my normal daily bag is the lovely Evergoods CPL24 (not shown as it’s often stolen by my wife).

Wandrd Prvke. 2020. Iksan, South Korea.

So, I generally carry the same stuff most days. At least, the same kind of stuff. The photo above is a pretty typical day trip / cafe pack load out. One of the things I like most about the Prvke is that because of the roll top it looks pretty small day to day (It’s the 21L) but can expand to work for a weekend trip or something longer.

As for the stuff itself, I won’t bore you with all the details. The laptop is a Mac from 2015. I don’t really see the need to get anything newer and still enjoy having ports. The case is the Twelvesouth BookBook. I don’t love the way it looks but was a gift and after putting it on I kinda forgot about it and never really took it off. My wife ordered me the newest iPad Pro 11 a couple of weeks ago so I’m excited about that. It was a kind of present for a project I’ve been doing with Adobe (details..soon?). Sadly though, the delivery date was around a month and a half after the order date so I’m in a holding pattern. I also have an old Surface Pro 4 that I really like a lot and use for all of my normal teaching stuff. Sucks that it is only the 4gb of RAM version. Have regretted that decision for a while.

Daily Kit. Iksan, South Korea. 2020.

As for the miscellaneous stuff:

I carry a mask, of course. It has a lanyard that was given to me by one of my students and has my name on it. In the middle of the frame is my “sleeping” kit. So, I have to listen to something like an audiobook or podcast in order to sleep well. This kit is essential for me to have if I’m going anywhere where they might be a chance I have to sleep. The kit has a set of 15hr wireless earbuds (important for sleeping since the airpods die too fast), a sleeping mask, and a Nexus 5X (with Android 10 Pixel Experience) that I use for an MP3 player.

Other things in the photo above are a custom made Rolleiflex strap made by Lucida for me, a magic mouse, Airpods Pro, and a couple of rolls of HP5.

The camera I carry most days is the Rolleiflex T. It’s a lovely camera that was bought for me by my wife. I still have an MP I’m using for a personal project and a Hassleblad I borrowed to do some landscape work.

Rolleiflex T.

That’s about it for what I take around on a normal day. I have been thinking about new bags for a while but don’t really think I can afford one at the moment. Although, thinking about the bigger CPL that has just come out 😉 That bag and a camera cube might very well be everything I need. Anyway, feel free to tell me your bag stories in the comments.

As I said,

certifiable bag whore license on my wall.


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