Zine Talk

Iksan, South Korea. 2017.

First of all, I want to start by thanking those who bought my new zine, Tokyo: 1 Day, 2 Nights. I’m really thankful and super happy to hear how much everyone enjoys it with its new, larger format. It was a difficult decision to make it bigger, because of course that means it also had to be more expensive. Every photo in the zine is almost an A4 sized print.

Iksan, South Korea. 2017.

One question that I have continually gotten since the zine was released about whether or not I would be releasing a zine in the near future with some of my more personal and recent work.

The answer to this is somewhat complicated and isn’t easy to answer. The simple answer is, these photos will be available in print form at some point in the not-to-distant future. Tomorrow? Next year?

Three years from now?

I’m not sure.

Seoul, South Korea. Sometime in 2017.

The thing is, the photos that I’ve taken since meeting my wife. The photos I’ve taken of my life from that point. They mean a lot more to me than what can be put into a zine. I like zines, don’t get me wrong. I thing they are an amazing alternative to the web. I think they are an extremely affordable and efficient way to consume photography.

I don’t want these photos (when I say these photos, I am speaking of a lot of the personal photos I’ve taken from 2017-Present) to be affordable or efficient. I don’t want them to be simple or easy. They are more than that to me. They mean more than that.

Busan, South Korea. 2017.

So, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what I will do but I do have some ideas. They won’t be in a zine, that’s for sure. At least not in my own. I want the photos to be with my words. For better or worse, I enjoy writing. Maybe that will annoy the photography purists but I don’t care. It isn’t about them.

It’s about me.

Gyeongsannamdo, South Korea. 2017.

It’s literally, about me.

For better, and for worse.


Some links:


My new ZINE.



  1. I like the idea of writing along side photos. I think it broadens the accessibility of the photos and also provides some insider knowledge, which to me is super interesting. And pretty sure you haven’t been one to follow trends (*ahem* Digilux2 haha). So roll the dice.

  2. Text and photos: an entirely different, multidimensional ball game. Go for it!
    But since those images are much more valuable to you than a “plain” zine output, why not going “barbell strategy” and also do a no-text-but-oh-the-glory luxury treatment of great prints on Hannemühle baryta paper in 12×16″ or such other medium-sized paper format as you may think fit (large enough to allow appreciating them in their full glory, small enough to make us want to view them up close and personal…)?
    It’s somewhat crazy, but art prints sell for much more than books and much much more than zines, in spite of the fact that books and zines require a lot more work (sequencing, layout, binding…)
    Just a thought!
    Take care

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