New Zine: Tokyo: 1 Night, 2 Days.


Tokyo: 1 Night, 2 Days is my third zine. I don’t really consider zines to be photobooks and they certainly aren’t magazines. Somewhere in between, I guess.

The story of this zine goes very much with its title. When I came to Korea from Canada in 2007 I’d often go to Tokyo for one night, two day trips during my free weekends. Technically speaking they were more like three night, two day trips but in Korea there is a popular TV program called 1 Night, 2 Days and my friends often referred to any short trip as such.

Tokyo, 2011.

These trips felt like a blur. Like fever dreams. I’d arrive and be on the move from the off. Senses on overload I very rarely actually took photos and by the time I was “serious” about photography I’d stopped these trips. Perhaps they were too expensive if I wanted to save my pennies for the next camera or lens or block of film.

In 2011, I had an assignment to do that involved taking a photo in Tokyo. I guess most people would have approached this from the mindset of a well-planned 5-7 day long trip.

Me? Not so much.

Tokyo, 2011.

The first thing I thought about was the regret I had for never having had a camera during those earlier weekend trips. I guess this was my chance? Just a couple of days later I boarded a plane for the short trip following a similar routine to what I’d always done.

In a lot of ways this trip was different from those previous. Maybe Tokyo had changed. Maybe I had changed? I don’t know. It’s hard to ever really know.

Most likely both?

Disembark, walk, walk, eat, sleep, walk, walk, eat, walk, sleep, embark.


Tokyo 2011.

I took around 400 photos during those three or so days. I returned to Korea, submitted the one photo they needed, and that was basically the end of it.

Fever broken.

Sure, throughout the years I revisited some of the photos from that trip. I kept some that ended up being used for something or other or posted somewhere or other. The majority of them though, just got shuffled onto an old hard drive and that was the end of it. Negatives thrown out, files lost or deleted. Mostly forgotten.

Fever broken.

Tokyo, 2011.

January, 2020.

During a clean of my darkroom I found an old box of electronics. I like electronics. You might even say I’m a bit of an electronics hoarder. My friends send me old cameras, computers, phones, whatever they have sat around not getting used. I guess I’m weird, I just like to tinker with that stuff.

My wife, who normally is okay with this now that I’ve become competent tech support for her, her family, and her friends said my darkroom needed to be cleaned.

There was an old hard drive from that box. I remembered it. It was one I bought when I first moved to Korea in 2007. I used it for tests at the school I was working at and other things similar. It ended up in the pile of “to be trashed.”

Maybe it is the tech lover in me or the nostalgia, but I decided I couldn’t throw it out without seeing if it still worked. After a little coaxing it opened. One of the first folders I saw was:

“Tokyo, 2011.”

Interesting how life works. All the raw files from the compact camera I had at the time and all the scans.

What a trip.


Link to purchase:

Tokyo: 1 Night, 2 Days.

Tokyo, 2011.

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