Seoul Workshop with Sean Lotman: Your Streets, Your Voice, Your Story Series

C. Sean Lotman

Your Streets, Your Voice, Your Story

Seoul 2/29-3/1

As most of you’ll know, I am a member of the group, andthelastwaves. Well, today on the blog I’m very happy to announce a workshop I’ll be doing with fellow member and great friend, Sean Lotman.

If you’re just looking for the form to sign up, find it


Need more info? Full rundown below!

C. Josh White

Why do we go into the streets to photograph architecture, people, situations, colors, light? What is it about the magical combination of these elements which leads us to interpret society with the photographed moment? With the ascension of Instagram, we are in an era of single-image domination. However, for all the potential euphoria of a wonderful picture, it can be so much more fulfilling if we are able to determine a narrative or story in our photographs. As we say, a sum is greater than its parts. And it is in storytelling that we find meaning in our lives and our work.

C. Sean Lotman

“Your Streets, Your Voice, Your Story” is a workshop intended to help you move your photographic practice into something more focused. On the morning of Day 1, we would gather to talk about what goes into making a great photograph– composition, preparedness, patience–and how to achieve it. We will also discuss a range of photo book themes, narratives, and points-of-view drawn from Sean’s vast experience in photobooks, as well as how Josh and Sean worked on their own pictorial storytelling. After lunch, we will head out to shoot in small groups in some of Seoul’s more interesting neighbourhoods. Afterwards, anyone who would like to join for dinner would be welcome. On Day 2 morning, we gather once more at the workshop space and students will present printed photographs from a project that they have been working on and would like to expand or go deeper with. After lunch we will go shooting again, focusing (if possible) on elements connected to your narrative needs.

C. Josh White

We often hear of the photographic eye, but it is the voice that puts all of the seen moments into something meaningful and poignant. This workshop, is intended to help you connect yourself with your storytelling instincts.



Friday, February 28th

7pm~: meet and greet with snacks and drinks at a local bar.

Saturday, February 29th

10am-6pm: morning talk/ afternoon shoot– option of dinner afterwards

Sunday, March 1st

10am-6pm: morning talk/ afternoon shoot– option of dinner afterwards

*Location: The workshop will be held in Seoul, one of Asia’s most happening places. Come and enjoy the wonderful blend of modern and traditional in Korea’s capital city.

*Workshop fee: $222 / 250,000KRW (We liked this number). A scholarship price of $180 / 200,000KRW is offered for two students who want to take the course, have a story in the works, and need a little bit of incentive to make it happen. If you feel you fit this criteria, shoot Josh an email: jtinseoul AT gmail DOT com.

The workshop will be limited to ten students total.

In order to sign up please fill out the FORM. Myself or Sean will email you with instructions after the form is completed.

If traveling, it’s suggested you stay in the Downtown area of Myeongdong or Chungmuro for convenience. Josh can advise you on this if needed.


–Digital cameras preferred, especially if you want to make prints from Day 1, though if you use film, that’s fine too.
–Good walking shoes.
–A notebook or laptop to take notes.

*Critique sessions:

–Participants can bring any number of project photographs to be considered, and, a reminder, it will be
much easier for everyone to critique physical prints than pictures viewed on a laptop projector.
–Even if you do not have a project and are starting out, it is our hope that this workshop will lead you to
consider your personal work with more depth and meaning.
–Thus any and all photographers with an interest in photography and storytelling would be welcome.

Sean Lotman

Your instructors

Sean Lotman: A native of Los Angeles, California, Sean Lotman has lived in Japan, first in Tokyo, then in Kyoto, since 2003. His background is in narrative fiction, and his short stories, essays and poetry have been published in numerous places online and in print. His first photo book, Sunlanders, was published by Bemojake in September, 2016, featuring color darkroom prints made by his own hand. His forthcoming book, Middle Life Notes, a collection of Diana f+ prints combined with waka poems, will be published by Neutral Colors in Tokyo in autumn. Sean has taught photography workshops in Kyoto, Seoul, Taipei, and Sydney with such terrific teachers/photographers as Eric Kim, Junku Nishimura, Bellamy Hunt, Greg Marsden, Sam Ferris, Nicholas Dominic Talvola, and Josh White.

Josh White

Josh White: Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, Josh left law school on a semi-permanent holiday to Korea in 2007. That holiday turned into an off and on 10 year adventure in the country he now calls home. Photography for Josh originally began with the idea to document his walks to work for his parents in Canada. Eventually, after gaining a sizable audience on his train-of-thought style blog he transferred that into success on platforms such as Flickr and Instagram. Known for his stylistic monochrome street and self documentary photographs he’s taught workshops all over the world and recently was the lead instructor of the Leica Akademie in Seoul.

More from Sean:

See Sean shoot:

More from Josh:

See Josh shoot:

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