Camera as Artifact

Processed With Darkroom

Let me start by saying this is a complete and utter ripoff of one of my favourite blog posts by one of my favourite photography bloggers, Blake Andrews. Catch his original Camera as Artifact post with his Leica M6 (Post here).

Let’s get started on my homage:

Processed With Darkroom

The camera in question is the Bessa-R. Most people don’t even know I have this camera even though I think it has shot more rolls than any other camera I’ve owned. It’s kinda like survival of the fittest, I guess. My friend explained it to be by saying this camera has maximum fade-ability. That is to say, it fades into the background so it doesn’t get traded, sold, thrown out, or given away. It just survives.

Processed With Darkroom

Processed With Darkroom

So, Darwin here has been through a lot. Korea is extremely humid so when summer time comes Darwin gets used the most. He’s not afraid of sand, humidity, moisture, or drunkenness. Survival is his best attribute.

Processed With Darkroom

He’s also a bit of a thief, as you can see. My wife hasn’t noticed yet that Darwin stole all but one of the screws from the bottom of her X100. He wants a new bottom, but I keep telling him that it is only for him to sit on, why he need a new one?

Processed With Darkroom

The lens isn’t a particularly old for me but is quite exciting. Darwin’s dreamed about this lens for a while being one of the newest thread mount cameras. The Ricoh GR LTM lens. Considering my love for the Ricoh GR film cameras, getting this lens was absolutely a dream come true. First roll from it coming soon.

Processed With Darkroom

Again, thanks again to Blake Andrews for the original idea for this. I’ll make this a short series I believe.

Enjoy your weekend,

Iksan, 2019.



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