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Seoul, South Korea. Canon M50, 14-45mm.

So today’s blog post is going to be something a little different. It’s my last Monday off for a while. I’d kinda gotten used to Monday being a vlogging / blogging day. Alas, looks like my Monday will soon be busy again.

For today, I didn’t really have enough of anything to post yet I wanted to post something anyway. I guess you could consider this a little bit of a what’s up next preview.

Vlog life. Iksan, South Korea.

As you can probably tell from the above, I’m going pretty hard on the vlogging these days. I wouldn’t consider myself exactly good at it. I am basically trying to transfer what I do here into a video format. It’s coming along but not quite ready for prime time yet.

I bought the Canon M50 on recommendation from some “vloggers” that I knew and/or reached out to. Interestingly, it seemed the overwhelming choice for something “starting” out. I kinda cheaped out and only got the 14-45 kit lens with the body and a mic. I’d been trying to use an Olympus camera but after a couple of attempts at using it I realized quickly it wasn’t very easy to work with considering my limited video skill.

Getting ready for Seoul.

After just a couple of hours with the Canon I started to understand why it was so highly recommended. I’m not planning on shooting in 4K and I guess that is its biggest weakness. In 1080p the auto-focus in video is borderline incredible.

I filmed my first “test” video the night I received the camera and it was a simple packing of my bag for a trip to Seoul (video is on my IGTV if you’re interested). While it turned out to be way longer than I’d anticipated and I only had one camera angle I was happy with the workflow. I’m editing in the iPad LumaFusion app and it has been great for someone with limited editing experience.

Wotancraft Trooper XL.

Before I go too far I should say the video in question stemmed from the amount of comments I’d gotten on Instagram regarding my (new) bag, the Wotancraft Trooper XL. I’d long wanted to graduate from the backpack style bags I’d been using for years. I’ve tried so many things. This one, however, has been the one. The next post I make will be a review of this bag.

Spoiler: I highly recommend it. I fecking love it.

Seoul, South Korea. Canon M50, 14-45mm.
Seoul, South Korea. Canon M50, 14-45.

Aside from that I have several other things in the works. As per another Instagram request I’ve started working on a review of the M50 for stills. I think this is important as for a lot of people the M50 would be their only camera. I may not be qualified to judge its video prowess but I think I can comment a little on its merits as a stills camera. I plan on doing the review mostly with the kit lens and perhaps an adapted Leica lens for comparison.

Iksan Bus Terminal, Iksan South Korea. Canon M50, 14-45.

To be honest, so far I think it is quite a good camera. There are some things I don’t like mainly its horrible sounding shutter. I don’t mean it is loud, I don’t care much about that, but it just sounds so “ugly.” Otherwise, it has proven itself to be a pleasant little camera.

The other things I’m working on at the moment are reviews of the iPad (6th generation 2018), the Google Pixel 3 for photography, some medium format film stuff, and the launch of my next zine (Neverland Volume II.)

The Pixel 3 has quite honestly blown me away with its photo capabilities. I suppose you can wait for the full review but needless to say it is insane what it does with software.

Iksan, South Korea. Google Pixel 3.
Iksan, South Korea. Google Pixel 3.

Considering the above photo was shot in candlelight in a pitch black room at ISO 3000 something on a smartphone is basically impossible in my brain. She literally moved as I was shooting this and I thought “well, there goes that shot” and yet it turned out TACK sharp. Insanity.

Anyway, I digress. More to come! Hope you enjoyed my slightly frantic post about nothing. One thing I will say, I’m really enjoying posting frequently again. I hope I find a way to translate all this into videos soon. And for those of you who prefer to read, I will consider the posts as a kind of script for the videos so no need to consume both, haha.

Stay tuned!


  1. Hello from Russia! I have one question. I want to start blogging for a long time. But I don’t know why I need it. I’m also a little unsure of myself and I’m afraid to express my thoughts in public. Did you encounter such a problem when you first started this blog? And why did you even start it all? What thoughts were in your head? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi!

      Nice to hear from you. Well, to be honest I’ve only shot three or four times in public so far and got over the strange feeling pretty quickly. That being said, I spend half my time taking photos of people in the street quite closely so I interact with people quite often. I find the hardest part so far is balancing taking photos and also vlogging. Mostly because carrying two cameras is annoying. So I’ve kind of started to take photos with my vlogging camera if I am by myself.

      I decided to start the vlog basically because I have been wanting to do it for years. People often say when they meet me in person that I am far more easy going and funny than I seem in my “brooding” blogs and photos. I think I want to show a bit of that as well. Plus, I think people must be interested in life in Korea. I know my family is, haha.

      The biggest problem I’ve had so far is probably figuring out what gear I need as well as the editing process. Editing is definitely way way way more time consuming than I’d imagined. I use the LumaFusion app on my iPad and that has made life much easier.

      Anyway, hope this helps.


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