Iksan, August, 2018

It was my birthday yesterday. I tend to forget. They kind of just happen.

I’d asked people on my Instagram in the morning what I should have for dinner. It seemed a fine enough idea. The choices were raw beef or sushi.

I’d put on shorts and paint stained t-shirt to go out. Since renovating our house it seems like everything I own is paint stained.

Iksan, August, 2018

My wife, on the other hand looked as beautiful as always. Her sense of style is one of the things I love about her. I can’t quite place it, but I love it nevertheless.

Iksan, August, 2018.

Sushi won the Instagram vote. Only one vote matters.

We had raw beef. It was amazing. It is served with pear and raw egg. It’s probably my favourite food in Korea. I also requested it for our wedding meal.

Wasn’t a popular choice, ha.

Iksan, August, 2018. 

She was happier than she looks here. She was trying to look “noir” as she put it.

I like that she plays along with the photographer thing. She lets me have my hobby.

On my birthday, at least.

August, 2018.

Iksan, South Korea.



    1. It’s great. The LTM version is a beautiful lens. I was going to say for the money but in fact it is just beautiful. Probably top three lenses I’ve used on my Leicas. And the M8 has long been one of my favourites.

      1. Yes, I have the LTM version as well and love how solid it feels. My first “serious” camera was the Leica M8 and first lens was the 35mm skopar, the m mount version. I subsequently sold both, tried a few other cameras/lenses out but have returned to an M8 and the LTM skopar. It’s a great combo!

  1. Happy birthday first of all, Josh, albeit belatedly.
    You’re as good with color as you are with BW.
    And, the ‘noir’ series compliments your better half in a subtle, elegant way. Love the looks.

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