24 Hour Project: Busan Edition 2018 (Prep 1)

Fujifilm X100.

So I’ve done the 24 Hour Project for four years in a row. It is a difficult thing to do, in fact, sometimes it outright sucks. I don’t know why I keep doing it. Well, I guess I kind of do.

The memories. I do the project selfishly. Even though it is always a struggle the memories are always great. This year, for the first time, I’m doing the project in Busan instead of Seoul.

Fujifilm X100.

The gist of the project is that the participants are to take one photo per hour (and post to Instagram) for 24 straight hours. I usually get a lot of questions about what gear I’m going to use for the project so I’m going to make a couple of posts (more on this later) outlining the gear I’m going to bring. Consider this a kind of warm-up.

Fujifilm X100. 

The first camera I decided to take with me to Busan is the original Fujifilm X100. This camera has been with me forever (my wife uses it now) and I still love it. It looks as though it has been through several wars but still works perfectly.

Fujifilm X100.

There were a couple of reasons I decided to take the X100. First is that I have three batteries for it. That’s a big deal when it comes to this kind of marathon event. On top of that, I am just really comfortable with this camera. It is the closest thing to my Leica I have that is also digital, haha. I’ve quite honestly sold more prints and had more “successful” photos from this camera than any other in my life.

One thing I haven’t decided is whether to shoot in colour or black and white.

Fujifilm X100.

I’ll transfer the photos to my phone via a usb dongle thing I got from the Apple store. I’ll edit them in Snapseed. This camera is 35mm equiv and the second camera I’m bringing is 75mm so I think they will work well together. I plan to take some portraits with the 75mm and do more street with the X100.

Care to guess what the second camera is 😉 ?

I’ll write a short post about it, and the other gear I’m taking on the project tomorrow. Stay tuned 😉

Fujifilm X100.


  1. Waiting for Chp 2 on t0his. I miss Busan-lived there in the late 60’s. It a very different city now.

    1. Chapter 2, just posted 😉 Yes, certainly is. I am shooting in the Jagalchi Market area. From what I gather, part of the fish market is similar but the rest is completely different from even 15 years ago.

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