Winter is Here

Winter. Iksan, South Korea. January 2018. iPhone X.

Winter is here. I know I’m behind on blog posts. Feels like I can never catch up. I am in the middle of renovating my house here in Iksan.

Last week, the snows came. Winter had been nothing more than a cold autumn until now. I like the snow.

Iksan, January 2018. Leica M3, 50mm Summilux. HP5.

Being a teacher, when the snow comes the first thing that happens is being forced to go play in the snow. While I said I like the snow I am not particularly fond of playing in it. Anything for the kids, I guess.

Iksan, January 2018. Leica M3, 50mm Summilux. HP5. 

I like the snow to look at. I don’t think I could even live in a place that never gets any. While some find it harsh, I find it tranquil.

Sometimes I just like to watch. The normal things look different. The walk to work becomes a little more interesting.

The snow is gone now again. It’s a little sad. I’d prefer it to stay around a little longer.

This weekend is another busy one. I feel like I never have time anymore.

Iksan, January 2018. Leica M3, 50mm Summilux. HP5. 

The next post is a review of the Olympus Pen-F for those interested. I’m going to be talking about how I’m using it for some work along with an old EM-1. Also working on an iPhone X review for photography. Hopefully all this will be out soon 😉 Lots of things coming!

Hopefully there is enough time to do them all 😉

Iksan, 2018.


  1. Beautiful photographs! Thanks for posting. I am hoping I can move to a mirrorless system this year. Finding it difficult to lug around my heavy DSLR as I travel a lot by cycle. Really keen on your Pen-F review.

  2. I am realy excited to see more frequent posts on your blog. I love your photography and also your style of writing. I shoot film most of the time with my Minolta X700 and Yashica 124G but I also have a mirrorless Olympus (e-m10 ii) with 2 very good tiny lenses (17 and 45 / 1.8). I am in love with this little mirrorless camera because in a small bag I have digital and film systems without killing my shoulder. Looking forward to read your review on Pen F and more of your absolutely fantastic, emotional photos. Greetings from Athens, Greece.

    1. Hi Dimitris! It is nice to hear from you and I am happy you like the blog. I certainly plan to blog more this year. I hope to change to a job in the next couple weeks that allows me more time to do more blogging. I really want to try and make weekly posts at least this year. And ones of more substance than this. I mostly only posted this because I like three of the photos a lot and had nothing else to say about them, haha. Anyway, the review is underway! I plan to take some photos with it this weekend. I also am using an old EM-1 that I quite love as well so I will also mention that in the review. Together they seem to have become my main “work” cameras.

  3. Some very nice pictures here, film is nice to see. Great to see some snow, don’t hog it all for yourselves down there we’ve got none again this year so far 😦 Glad the house is working out. Keep posting, it’s good to have something to read around the photos.

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