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Gear for Weekend Shoot. February 2018.Ā 

I was surprised by the overwhelming response to my first blog post in a while earlier today. Because of some things happening lately, I should have a little bit more time to blog in the months to come. I am going to try really hard to blog at least once a week. That is my goal.

This morning I was packing for a shoot I have this weekend in Gwangju. I usually lay my gear out like this before I pack it to make sure I have everything I intend to bring. I don’t want to say too much about the shoot yet but it is mostly portraits in both film and digital. The obligatory top down photo always follows my pre-packing.

So, most of you know I change cameras pretty often. I don’t make any excuses for that anymore. That being said, it is something that has slowed down quite a bit of late.

Why? Well, first it was the M3 in the picture. When I bought the M3 I did so on a whim. It has now become like part of me. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this about a camera. Several years into owning it I don’t feel any desire to have anything else. It’s just that camera for me. The lens is a v2 50mm Summilux that once belonged to one of my closest friends, Nicholas Dominic Talvola. Again, a lifer will this lens be.

Some time ago I started to think about taking photography more seriously. Weirdly since my epiphany with the M3 I’ve stopped lusting after cameras like I had once done. I don’t even really read reviews or look at them online much anymore. Interesting, that.

So, with that, I decided I needed a kit that I could use for work. After much thought, I realized the cameras I went to most often when I needed to do serious stuff were Olympus M4/3s cameras. When I was shooting only digital I’d often shoot a Fuji or Leica for personal stuff and an Olympus for stuff that “needed” doing. I guess I just felt like they were faster, more reliable, and generally more flexible.

After deciding to take on more photography work this year I picked up a couple Olympus bodies to do so with. The first, the Pen-F, happened kind of by accident. I had tried one before and liked it quite a lot. Using it with the Summilux at 100mm is great for portraits. I love it. The second is an OM-D EM-1 (original) with the 17mm f1.8 (thanks Pierre ;)).Ā  Both great cameras. As I mentioned in the short post earlier today, I plan to have a full review on the Pen-F here sometime this week. In the photo you can also see the iPhone X which I also plan on reviewing in the next couple of weeks.

That about does it for the second post of the day (haven’t said that for a while). Among other things that are coming up: finally launching my Youtube channel properly. One video is done and just about ready to go. Also, my first solo zine titled “Neverland” is just ready to announce this week. Considering I am about to start properly renovating my house I think lots of exciting things are on the horizon!

If you have any questions about the stuff from my bag or anything at all feel free to ask in the questions or shoot me an email šŸ™‚

Iksan, 2018.

PS, I’m not as depressed as I always seem to look in my photos. Thanks to some for the concern, haha. I’ll try and smile more often.

Iksan, 2017. Leica M3.


    1. Thanks, I appreciate that! I’ve used the em-1 for quite a while and it’s a great camera. The pen-f is great as well. The m43s is the best compliment to my film work as I can find. And I’ve tried it all, ha.

  1. Is it that time of yhe year again where Josh starts talking about his YouTube channel? šŸ˜€
    Looking forward to see that, remember your Whats in my Bag Videos. I can really imagine how you come home after work and start painting the wall in your house, setting up a garden and then sit down outside with a beer. Your home is your very own Zen place, and you should treat it like that!

    Will you miss the window view over the city though?

    1. I will miss that view, and that apartment. That said, I am excited! My house is barely even a shell at the moment, but it will come along šŸ™‚ I wish I had more video skill to film it properly haha.

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