Workshop and Exhibition: Wearethestreet + Leica Camera Korea in Seoul

Hello everyone! Wearethestreet is happy to announce our inaugural workshop and exhibition held in concert with Leica Camera Korea in Seoul! The workshop is hosted by Leica Camera Korea and is sponsored in part by Lucida Straps.

Exhibition Details:

The exhibition will be held at Leica Camera Korea in the Gangnam district of Seoul. The opening will be held on July 7th, Friday at 6:30PM, and we look forward to having a great time with students and the press as well as Leica Korea patrons and staff! It is also open to the public, so feel free to drop by! The address is on the opening poster above. If you have any questions, feel free to email wearethestreet member JT White (jtinseoul at gmail dot com). The exhibition will span the month of July, but if you’d like to meet wearethestreet members be sure to come to the opening. The opening will include members: Aik Beng Chia, Chulsu Kim, Junku Nishimura, Nicholas Dominic Talvola, and JT White. Member Sean Lotman will be at the exhibition the following Friday, July 14th.

Leica Camera Korea Gallery
Prints will be available and for sale at the exhibition and for the duration of the month as well as here, on our blog!

Photo co. JT White
Workshop Details: The workshops! Well, we are very excited about this, our first workshop as a team! While all of us have experience teaching workshops in the past, this the is first to be held by the wearestreet team together.


Note: Details subject to change as this is a general outline of the schedule of events.

Weekend 1: July 7th and 8th. Introduction to Street Photography

With Nicholas Dominic Talvola, JT White, Aik Beng Chia, Junku Nishimura, and Chulsu Kim.

Friday July 7th (4:00-6:30PM)
Session 1: Introductions and Photo Talk

Students will be taken through a short introduction process and ice breaker. Following the ice breaker, students will show their best photo and give a short presentation on why they chose that particular photo.

Exhibition Opening. (6:30PM)

Students are welcome to stay for the opening of the @wearethestreet exhibition. We can do short artist talks at this time talking about our given photos or just mingle and get to know the students better. Might even have a guest DJ appearance from Nicholas Dominic Talvola 😉

Saturday July 8th (11:00-5:00PM)

Session 2: The Basics

We will discuss our equipment and how to use it. Wearethestreet members will talk about their basic styles of shooting and the settings and techniques we use.

Session 3: Shooting

We will shoot a bit during this time. The students will be put into groups and will be assigned to a “team.” Should be a good opportunity to spend some time with the instructors or at least watch them in action!

Session 4: Editing and Processing

In the classroom, students will use their laptops, phones or ipads to process their photos. The teachers will help with each by giving short presentations on our own methods.

Film shooters can also get help but we will recommend digital cameras during the workshop.

Photo co. Sean Lotman
Note for students attending 2 weeks: 

For the students attending both weeks we will share email addresses and phone numbers and schedule a call or meeting in order to discuss a project the students will shoot during the week that we will help them process and edit. 

Photo co. Junku Nishimura
Week 2: July 14th and 15th. Street and Documentary Photography (Intermediate)
With Nicholas Dominic Talvola, JT White, and Sean Lotman.

Friday, July 14th (4:00-6:30PM)

Session 1: Portfolio Review

Students will submit a three photo portfolio to discuss as a group. Each student will present their portfolio and explain why they chose the photos and give a little story behind them. This can be done in English or Korea and will be translated. The @wearethestreet members will take turns talking the students through their portfolios with likes and dislikes or improvement ideas.

Students will decide on an “idea” for what they would like to shoot that night and the following day.

After the review, students are welcome to spend some time with the instructors and perhaps grab some food or drinks!

Saturday, July 15th (11:00-5:00PM)

Session 2: Editing a Project

Students will meet for a short classroom session where @wearethestreet members show the students projects they have worked on and explain the ways they edited the series and reasoning behind it. Students will have the chance to ask questions and discuss. We will also discuss the technical aspects of shooting projects and the mediums used.

Session 3: Shooting

For this session we will shoot with purpose. The students will be asked to try and capture three photos in the theme they chose the night before. They can walk as they wish, however, they can also ask the teachers for help and follow them as they wish. The teachers will provide tips and tricks during the walk. The students may shoot when are where they wish as long as they return by the specified time.

Session 4: Editing

Students will edit their photos and make their selection and share them with the class. We will discuss together and give positive feedback and improvement tips.

Note for film shooters: If you prefer to shoot film, message us in advance of arrival. Wearethestreet members will prepare and develop film as part of the editing process. Nicholas Dominic Talvola is especially excited to make a mess of the Leica Korea bathroom 😉 

Photo co. Nicholas Dominic Talvola (Getting ready to destroy a bathroom)

Each workshop is 300USD that can be paid to the Wearestreet paypal account ( Receipt will be given after payment recieved and a more detailed schedule will be sent. Students who are from Korea or living in Korea can pay in KRW. Email us for details on this.

Also, students that would like to attend both weekends can do so for 500USD. These students will also receive a special online training during the week and a portfolio review session with their favorite Wearethestreet members.

Please fill out our Google Form if you plan on attending!

The workshop will be limited to 15 students per week, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible! We look forward to seeing you here in Seoul!

-Wearethestreet team

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