JTINSEOUL Ghetto Vlog #1: What’s in my camera bag..? (Today, ha..)

So, haha, I’ve been threatening to make some videos for a while. Originally, I had planned to do a series of videos with a film company here in Seoul. We actually did a couple but haven’t published them. They were 1000% more artistic than what I could manage myself. Hence the name, the ghetto vlog. It is about as ghetto as it gets, but, I do hope I figure out how to make better videos in the future. For now, I have a hard time justifying the amount of work it would take to make proper videos so they might be like this for a while 😉

Well, he’s Ghetto Vlog #1. Basically I talk about my camera bag, camera, and other stuff I carry around lately. I know, I could have done something more imaginative. Honestly though, one take later, I’m okay with it.

Enjoy (if that’s possible, ha).

8 thoughts on “JTINSEOUL Ghetto Vlog #1: What’s in my camera bag..? (Today, ha..)

  1. Nice video dude. Quality was fine, bells and whistles are unnecessary and just take your time up. Keep it ghetto.

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