Tea Fields 

Leica M-P, 50mm Summicron.
Boseong, South Korea.

The green tea fields of Boseong. A popular place for Koreans to visit during the spring and summer. I went without much thought. I went without many expectations. I was somehow expecting a tranquil experience. I was expecting a feeling of calm. 

In fact, though, it was busy and crowded. It was full of tourists. It wasn’t much tranquil or calming. People looked stressed. 

“There aren’t any leaves left to pick..” 

A common theme, ha. I didn’t really take many photos. Just a couple. Didn’t have much gumption to. 

Boseong, South Korea.

We did find a couple. Enough to make a cup of tea.

Or two. 

Boseong, South Korea. 

May 2017. 

Boseong, South Korea.

On a side note.. Do you prefer these shorter posts that happy more often or longer posts that are far more infrequent? Would like to know as I’m trying to balance the amount I do on my blog. 




    1. Yeah, I am kinda leaning this way. It is a time thing more than anything else. Instagram has ruined me from anything that takes time, ha.

  1. The ‘Umbrella’ shot is outstanding!

    I think the return to film has been a good idea. You latest works are full of a certain calm and beauty….

    I like the short posts…. and equally the longer ones. So go ahead and post regularly!


    1. Thanks Frank! I always appreciate your comments and keep up with your blog. And I’m happy with this as well. Even in digital I feel like my style is evolving to be less harsh. I like that, though.

  2. Lovely work, as always, Josh. As for post length, I sometimes wonder the same. But if we write primarily for our own enjoyment, then any post should be as long as you want it to be, perhaps? Or as long as your intention should require it to be. Personally, I’m happy to read and view what is set down, regardless of length. If I’m short on time, I can always come back 😉

    Very much enjoying your work!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments! I am still trying to figure out my flow. I’ve found that posting on the go allows me to post more from my iPad or something. That being said, I think at least once a month I’m going to try and post something longer and more thought out.

      1. Whatever you decide, I’m sure your followers will be true, and, continue to enjoy your work no less. But yes, I understand the dilemma very well indeed. I hope you find a well-suited solution! Goof luck and keep up the good work! 😉😉

  3. Personally I prefer longer posts with more to read and more pictures to see, but I’d be the first to admit these take more time to put together which might not always be available. I think longer posts are more engaging for a blog and it gives people something to digest and it gives them something to look forward to for the next one. Whereas short posts are neither here nor there. But that’s just my view.

    1. Yeah, that seems to be the consensus. I suppose it depends. Ironically I think I put more thought into the short ones whereas the long ones are more just streams of thought. They do, of course, take longer to create though. I think I will have to find a balance and a mix.

  4. Your longer posts had a much higher quality of writing.

    And I look forward to your return to digital. You have lost your way, your immediacy, your truth, with this move to emulsion. The things that created your following. What I see now is a typical ‘arty Leica owner’ and that is not what you created before. I saw your post about how your digital PP seemed to emulate what emulsion already has, hence the logic of the move, but I disagree with the results and urge you to rediscover your muse.

    All the best

    1. Hm, and interesting point of view surely. These are actually digital, so I’m assuming you mean the style in general. I think people evolve, as I’ve felt I’ve done. For me, I think it is more a matter of where I am and what I’m doing. I used to spend every morning on the subway for example, therefor, lots of subway photos. Now, I live in the countryside and I suppose my photos somewhat reflect that. The arty Leica owner comment is ironic since the first six years of my blog I used Leica cameras. My two biggest projects to date were both shot mostly on Leica cameras. Perhaps I took that out of context. Anyway, I think you for your honesty. I will probably go back to the longer posts as it seems to be the consensus. Thanks, again.

      1. Thanks for your thoughtful reply — and mention of my ‘typical arty Leica’ comment in your next blog post. I am glad you took my feedback in the right spirit: I am a keen follower and fan of yours, so my feedback was earnest and well-intentioned.

        Regarding my mention of a ‘typical arty Leica owner’ look. I think this is something that is apparent when browsing Leica image forums, as distinct from, say Canon EOS image forums. I definitely did not mean to say that everyone who shoots Leica (film or digital) has to shoot like this all the time — or that your early work on Leica must be like that. I only meant that there is such a thing, and your recent emulsion-based work reminds me of it. Because it coincides with your recent return to emulsion, I put a likely (but not proven) cause and effect together, and wished for you to return to the medium that was recently fueling what is IMHO your essential muse.


      2. I always appreciate your comments! And I like criticism, to be honest. It helps me more than something like great shot. I think the problem I’m having more than anything these days is just not being in busy places much. My muse, I believe, is actually the city and its action. I live in a small town for my work and there isn’t much to see. It is a nostalgic feeling place so perhaps that explains the photos a bit. Honestly lately I barely take photos, haha. Perhaps I need to find my muse, as you’ve said. Perhaps I will. Perhaps it will be one moment or one photo! Thanks always, and keep on being honest. I dig that.

  5. I like your short posts, I find them more focused, like postcards. It’s only my opinion, but showing less pictures make them more important, then I tend to look at your pictures more than in longer posts.

  6. I like both – but if we have to choose please go on with the longer ones with more reflections. There are enough short texts, snippets, remarks around, so I would prefer a longer one with lots of food for thought once a month or so… kind regards

  7. I think you should go for what feels best for you and not what others may think. On the other hand you asked, so. I like both, short and long. I would go for longer posts when the reason and motivation to do so comes naturally and let it flow with short posts in between. Whenever you feel to do so.

    1. I would say that is what is going to happen. Ironically, I think if I had done a longer post using the photos from the past two weeks it would have simply been a combination of the last three posts. I suppose it is a bit about how people consume them.

  8. Oh well Josh, it’s your blog and it’s your time, so whatever you will be doing is fine with me by definition, I will enjoy every post that you gift to us, and never thank you enough for sharing your work and thoughts. I just wish you will not stop because yours is one of the best blogs out there by far.
    When you were in “long but infrequent” mode I was hungry for the next, delighted when it would arrive, thoroughly enjoying every line and image, but then frustrated by your long silences (a bit like waiting impatiently for letters from my pen pals back in the 70s…). These short ones are great because they offer some relief to that impatience, though I second the opinion of many, your best work is the long posts and I hope you’ll still save yoirself for a few of those from time to time…
    As to the film vs/ digital discussion above, I have personally always felt that your signature style emerges intact from both mediums, so whatever tool you prefer to use a given day, go for it!
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thanks as always, Giovanni. Always appreciate your thoughts when it comes to these things. I sort of agree that while my style might be changing slightly I don’t think the medium is to be blamed, ha. I’m fairly certain that it is just a general thing. I’m thinking I’m going to try and do a bit of both. A long post every couple of weeks (if I can manage) and a couple of short ones in between. We will see though!

  9. Oh BTW, the first one with the mirroring umbrellas is just stunning! Up there with some of your best.
    Tea leaves, poetic but less powerful. That hand means a lot to you, though…
    Tea field, less Josh-like, plain documentary. We need to shoot those from time to time for ourselves, but perhaps it does not fit in your “body of work” as we know it.

  10. The long posts made me check your blog regularly, hoping there was another one. I guess I find the short ones, while being more frequent, a somewhat less satisfying read. Just my opinion, because you asked. Of course we all want long posts, very often. And of course you just have to do what you want to do. Please keep doing it, because it is much appreciated.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I always appreciate hearing that people enjoy reading or looking. It still surprises me that anyone reads these things at all! I think my next post is going to be a long one. Even thinking about adding a video, haha.

  11. I’ve enjoyed both your long and short posts, so I’m with most other people up there about the mix of 2. It’s good to read the off the cuff pieces as much as it is your longer-form thoughts.

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