Lucida Straps

Leica M4 Canadian 50th Edition Black Chrome, 35mm Canadian Summilux Version 2 with custom filter threading. Lucida Neck Strap in Black.

There are several things photographers usually struggle with. Gear is usually the first. People struggle with what camera to use and when. Recently, some people have asked me to talk about gear that ISN’T a camera. So, in the next couple blog posts I’ll talk a little about the other photography gear struggles… The strap and the bag.

Photographers very rarely settle on straps or bags. There is always something missing or something you wish your given item had.

So, without further adeu, my strap. Recently, I was lucky enough to join my fellow @wearethestreet team members Nicholas Dominic Talvola and Junku Nishimura with Lucida straps. My strap is  black leather and made to a beautiful quality standard. It is probably the sexiest piece of photography equipment I’ve ever owned. It is simple and elegant, yet, people still ask me about it all the time.

Lucida straps are handmade in Spain by one man. He specially makes straps to order and has all kinds of options for buyers. For example, I like carrying two cameras so I wanted mine to be particularly long. No problem at all.

The strap seen above is my actual strap. It is on my Canadian Leica M4 50th Anniversary. Yes, you Leica historians will have noticed the bottom plate has been repainted in matte black that matches the black chrome but still has brasses a bit. I think this strap perfectly suits this camera, though. I love the look of it.

Lucida Packaging.

The strap packaging is as nice as the strap itself. Lots of attention to detail and even comes with a dust bag. Mine also came with a lovely note about my photos from the maker, Felix.

Needless to say, I cannot recommend this strap enough. I’m happy to be part of the team!

You can find more information about the Lucida strap at

Tell Felix I sent you, 😉


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