Mondays are usually terrible. Wait, well now it’s terrible. I didn’t really have Monday sickness or Friday happiness when I was living in Seoul. As a freelancer, that was the greatest thing and the worst thing at the same time. If I managed my projects and time well, I could have Saturdays everyday. OK, well maybe not everyday but at least when I would prefer to in any day of the week. At the same time, if I failed to manage my time, I would have Sundays everyday; wondering why I didn’t go to church and wether if I’m going to hell or not.


Mondays are usually terrible now. Well, they are not that bad but I can still feel the differences. I can start to understand why people call Fridays ‘Lit Up Fridays (불금)’ or why people hate Sunday nights, kicking their sheets as they try to fall asleep.


Does that mean I don’t enjoy work? Well, I’m just thankful that I am passionate about education and was able to get a great position. But work entails many different things. It’s more of a state-of-mind. I could be as stressed when playing games if I thought of it as ‘work.’ And I could be as relaxed as talking with my close friends when I’m at work. But then there is a fine line somewhere that I must keep in my mind. I’m learning to find where that fine line is right now.


Sangwoo is one of my closest friends I met in Korea. He is a recording and performing artist and is the lead vocalist of one of the oldest blues bands in Korea. We met while working on Upside Down and instantly clicked. He came down to Iksan to hangout.


We went to Lotte Mart, one of the largest department store-like supermarkets in Korea to get some beer and food. Then we came back to my small but cozy studio. We ordered food (and the delivery system in Korea is amazing) and waited for Jemal and Josh to come.


But to my surprise, Josh came with Paul and Yogita (Jemal’s wife who took a bus from another city maybe 30-40 min. away) and Isaac came as well. I felt truly blessed that people found comfort in each others’ company.


Whenever I hear someone say they feel depressed, I always tell them that quote: (that goes something like) “before you diagnose yourself of depression, make sure you are not surrounded by assholes.” Mondays are usually terrible, yes. But they could be better with just the right people in your life.



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