First Impressions: The Henri Strap by Eric Kim


Fujifilm X100T with Henri strap by Eric Kim

So, this isn’t something I do very often. A review from me is rare enough but a review of an accessory even more so. 

Just as a bit of a disclaimer, Eric Kim and I have been close friends for years and he gave me this strap as a Christmas present. That being said, and I’m sure Eric would attest to this, I’m nothing if not straight forward with my opinion on things like this.

This is more a first impression than a review. I received the strap just before Christmas and have only been using it a week or so. The camera it is attached to is the Fujifilm X100T. I have a sorted relationship with this camera (mostly related to dust and my ocd-ness), but lately I’ve liked it and thought the strap matched it pretty well. For those of you who have this camera you’ll know it is quite small but I feel it balanced nice with the strap. The neck pad is comfortable and reasonably sticky so it stays on my shoulder when walking around. The strap itself was hand crafted in Vietnam by an artist in her studio who specializes in such things. It definitely feels well made and I really like the ‘raw’ feeling it has. It sorta looks like the strap Indiana Jones would use if he had a camera. 

Iksan, South Korea

I haven’t had much time to shoot with the strap attached yet, but I did carry it with me to the train station yesterday and I did find myself yearning for it to be a bit more weathered. The leather is beautiful, but very new. I think with time it will look great. Like anything leather I suppose. 

All in all, I like where Eric is going with this. Considering he is moving to Vietnam soon, I think it will be cool to see how he grows this idea into other accessories. Maybe by the time he has a bag for me to buy my strap will be weathered enough for my taste 😉

One other note I should make is that the packaging for the strap was great. It came in a wooden box with a nice card from Eric and Cindy inside. Wonderful touch. 

henri, by Eric Kim

If you have any questions about the strap or otherwise feel free to comment below or email me at jtinseoul @

As for me, I haven’t been shooting a whole lot lately. Busy with other things. Hopefully more time in the near future. One place I do post pretty often is my instagram. You can find me there @jt_inseoul. 


  1. Thanks so much for the review and feedback! Our next batch of neck straps should be up and ready to sell internationally by the end of this month.

    It’s been a lot of fun working on this project and we have lots of new ideas on future iterations and projects. Maybe a special Josh bag will be next 😉

      1. Haha, yeah. I love the camera. The weather sealing thing doesn’t bother me in terms of weather but it would probably keep some of that dust out 😉

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