My Korea

Seoul, South Korea.

I am often asked why I choose to live in Korea. I’m Canadian, for those of you who didn’t know. I’ve lived in Korea for most of the last 8 years. And quite honestly, I am perfectly happy to never go back. At least not to live.

Seoul, South Korea.

It is hard to describe why that is the case. When people do ask, I don’t really have much to say aside from the fact that I like it.

Perhaps, I love it.

Seoul, South Korea.

It isn’t Seoul. It is the amalgamation of the entire place. Its the people and the culture. Its the vibe and atmosphere. I sat in a lot of coffee shops in Canada for extended periods of time like I do here. I can say this, I’ve never felt as happy at one as I do right now at this one.

Seoul, South Korea.

Of course, it isn’t the case for everyone that comes here. I work with people who can’t wait to leave. I don’t get it. Don’t get them.

I suppose they don’t get me.

Seoul, South Korea

Maybe that is the point. It just suits me. I get bored of a lot of things easily, being here has never been one of them.

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Seoul, South Korea

“Don’t you ever just want to go home? Start a real life?”

I don’t know what that means. This is my real life. The one I have choose to live. It may be the Neverland my father always said it was for me, but I’m not so sure that is a bad thing. Not growing up? I’ll take that.

Seoul, South Korea

As far as photography goes, I think I’ve only lately started to get a grasp of the type of photos I want to take here. I used to take photos of things I would want to remember when I returned to Canada. Now, that I don’t see myself returning to Canada, I take photos for different reasons.

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Seoul, South Korea

My Korea, for lack of a less cliche way of expressing such a subjective idea. I think my photos have always been all over the place. Processing, style, tone. I hate that. Or at least, hate thinking about it.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Seoul, South Korea

I like the idea of a series of photos of a long period of time all having the same look and feel. Maybe I’m over analyzing, but I’m not sure I’ve always had that. It is something I’m still working on.

I want my photos here to look like they have all come from the same set or series. Probably the things I like most in life are photography and this country. I hope one day my photos will do the place justice.

Seoul, South Korea.

November 2015.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
South Korea

As a bit of a side note. Thanks to everyone for your comments, kind wishes, and emails. I always appreciate hearing from people and am still surprised that people read what I write here. Thanks. 고맙습니다.


  1. Hellor there, I really like your pictures and reading your posts, it is very inspiring.
    I’m also not living in my home country, sometimes I think that it contributes to see things from a different perspective and it makes me more motivated to take pictures, I guess.

  2. some people think that because when we are not in our homeland then we are strangers in another country. We can perfectly feel at home anywhere. I’ve been in so many different countries and lived abroad . I always felt at home wherever I go. So I completly identify to what you say. I think people should experience living abroad before judging. it’s great to hear that you feel happy where you are. I’m sure Korea is a great place.

  3. I think when and if I look back and my photos, I’d end up struggling to make them fit and have a consistent style. I do really like how you’ve processed yours. They have a very filmic feel to them, even if they’ve been shot on a digital, extremely envious of that.

  4. Your work is amazing! If you’re looking for a place to live in korea by any chance I totally want to recommend to you! I recently moved out of my (awful) goshiwon into my own place FINALLY and i didn’t know how to go about it because the korean real estate system seems so complicated and shady??! but my friend recommended korestate to me and they were really helpful in finding me something in a good location within my budget! you should totally check them out 🙂

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