March 18, 2015. 

Newfoundland , 2013.

Just one of those nights. Nothing wrong, really, just invariably being abroad like I am there are moments like this one. Missing the family I’ve barely seen, missing the father I can no longer see. It is hard. I rely on external things to fill voids. I rely on other people. I shouldn’t do that, I am too old for pity, and I would like to think too smart to continue to live in a stasis. The people in my life now shouldn’t have to pick up the pieces. I’ve lost things, people, that I’d taken for granted. I take solace in the fact that loosing them taught me to appreciate what I have now. Until now, I’ve made a hash of it. No more, though, if I can help it. 

The photo, is from Newfoundland in 2013. 

We had just visited my father’s grave. 



  1. I have always admired your photos and words. They are from the heart and that is why they are so strong. I have had the same struggle withloss and grief on a number of occasions in my life. Photography and writing have helped me through these times. Most recently, I have come to a landing on my most recent test that life presented just over five years ago. I wrote about it recently and I hope there is something there for you:

    Take care .. Geoff

    1. Geoff, I am happy to hear that. It is tough to write about such things but I feel like it is most of the reason I started a blog in the first place. Take care.

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