Hongdae district, Seoul, South Korea.
Hongdae district, Seoul, South Korea.

Been a while since I’ve posted anything, and will probably be a while before I do again. I often say I’m going to take a break and rarely do, ha. Definitely needed this time though.

Working on too many things and not nearly enough time. No time to shoot, no time to post, no time to look for models, no time to time in general. As a wise man once told me its best to live first, take photos of yourself living.

Seoul, South Korea.
Seoul, South Korea.

I realized that while I spent my first four years in Korea photographing the people I missed too much. Rarely did I stop and see the shit around me that made this place unique. When I went back to Canada and reviewed the photos I had taken in Korea something was seriously missing.

I couldn’t feel the place.

Many “photography” people I know don’t get photos like the above. The don’t get photos like the below. The don’t get why I’m taking it when I do and they don’t get that I can’t explain why I did.

I take them, because they will remind me of walking in Korea and being here. They are what I saw and in some ways how I felt. The buildings, the signs, the adverts. The dirty streets and the clean ones. The food, and of course, the people.

Still life photos were never really my thing, but I find myself taking them more often then anything else these now. Maybe there is a project there, I don’t know.

Near Seoul, South Korea.
Near Seoul, South Korea.

I need to take some time to figure it out.

Peace for now 😉

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