Contacts: Hongdae Portrait

Near Hongdae District, Seoul, South Korea.
Near Hongdae District, Seoul, South Korea.

The second in a series of mini contact sheets. In this case, it was a portrait I took near the Hongdae District of Seoul at a pretty dingy little bar I happened into. This guy, was sitting on the side of the table opposite this poster. I’m not sure why, but I thought the lines of his face worked pretty well with the opening of the “mouth” of the poster. Being another foreigner in Seoul, I had an immediate in so I just asked if I could take a photo with him and the poster. He just turned around in his seat at first, so I asked him to get on the other side of the table moving the friends that were already there. By this point, everyone was laughing and trying to figure out why I wanted to take a picture.

I was using this small pocket camera that you might have seen in previous posts. I had it around my neck, but I’m not sure the guy or his friends thought much of it. I told him I thought he kinda reminded me of someone from a Scandinavian crime drama, ha.

Hongdae district, Seoul.
Hongdae district, Seoul.

After the first picture that was a little further back, I knew we were comfortable enough so I got much closer and grabbed his head gently and put it at a bit of a different angle. I told him to try and not smile like he had in the first but maybe just grin a bit.

Near Hongdae District, Seoul.
Near Hongdae District, Seoul.

I was happy with the second and as his friends were starting to get impatient I thanked him, bought a round, and in fact we have become quite good friends. For that, it has become one of my favorite recent photos.

Seoul, South Korea.

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