Newfoundland, Canada.
Newfoundland, Canada.

A shitty, rainy day in Seoul. Still reminded of home with the rain sliding across the cafe window. I don’t often miss home, not really.

That said, sometimes I feel like Newfoundland is a kind of oasis for Newfoundlanders. A trip back is needed every so often to cleanse the mind. The Soul.

The smells and sounds aren’t easily replicated. I look at photos I took and while they are far from my best photos I’m sure, they do well to bring me back in a temporary moment of stasis. I remember parking my car and sitting on the beach with a tiny point and shoot camera I found at my Aunt’s house.

I’m not sure why I stopped, really. A shitty day that was, too. Maybe I like the shitty days best because they stand out. I remember that one well.

Newfoundland, Canada.
Newfoundland, Canada.

“If you have a camera, you can capture a copy.” Daido Moriyama may not be the world’s best photographer but he often speaks with a great deal of wisdom.

Copies indeed. Copies of memories. I don’t take photos for art or for beauty. I take photos to make copies.

Copies of memories easily forgotten.


Newfoundland, Canada.
Newfoundland, Canada.


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