Contacts: Homage to Daido

Contact 1: 여자들

Contact 1: 여자들

After getting a recent email asking if I could share the “contact sheets” of some of my recent photos I thought I would post one like this. It isn’t a contact sheet, in the traditional sense, but you can see the photos I took both before and after the one that ended up being the one I kept. Due to my limited abilities with Lightroom and Photoshop this was the best I could figure out how to display it.

I suppose the point of such an exercise is just to show that when taking pictures in any situation, you shouldn’t just take one photo. Obviously, not the most comfortable situation to be photographing it would have been easy to just take one photo and put the camera down. Why though? It isn’t often the first photo is the one I like best. Rarely, in fact.

Don’t be afraid to direct. I told her what to do after the first. “More profile!” in my shit korean I told her as I wanted to see more of her face. I didn’t look at the screen (it was a fujifilm digital camera) after taking the photos. I never do anymore. In a situation like this I forget about anything besides getting a photo. I got closer after the second.

Then the cigarette was done so I stopped.

Seoul, South Korea.

February, 2014.

Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul, South Korea.

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