Project: Labyrinth

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I recently had a chance to put back up my project, Labyrinth, from Toronto. Really the symbolic start of my photographic journey, ha. The photos number 3/4s of the digital photos I kept after I deleted everything. All shot on old mobiles, it was also all shot over the course of a couple of months when I wanted to fuck photography along with everything else. I had sold all my gear, and was reserved to living out as the dude in a suit commuting to work every day. This photo, taken with an old Blackberry my job had provided and edited on the same Blackberry was the start of what would become this photo “walk.” I call it a walk, because the essay itself follows my route to the subway as I walked it and as I saw it. I understand the heavy processing might not be to everyone’s tastes, and to be fair, it isn’t even really to mine. That being said, it was what I could do on that phone, and the scratches on the lens from previous users is to blame for most of it. None of this really matters to me much, as I look at the photos because they represent an important time in my life. They represent a transition and a transformation to me as a man, not only as a photographer. When I asked my friend Eric if I should keep the project when moving everything to wordpress he simply said that when he sees the photos he can see the emotional gambit that I was going through at that time and that sometimes that is more important than the photos themselves.

I agree.

Labyrinth – Toronto.

click to see project page.
click to see project page.


  1. Interesting post Josh thanks – I always find your posts so inspiring I love the look and feel of your shots. I really like the first shot in this post in particular.

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