Project: The Culture

The Culture
The Culture

After much thought, I’ve started to move everything into WordPress. The Projects page at the top will be updated in the upcoming weeks with projects that would previously have been found on my portfolio.

The first project to appear is The Culture. It follows a family of Korean tattoo artists in Toronto over the course of several months.

Please keep in my that my site is very much a work in progress. Things will change as I try and get everything together as I would like.


  1. The way you presented the photos in the final selection, assembled like tiles of a mosaic instead of just a simple sequence, is really quite powerful. Spoiled by the way photo-oriented social networks present picture streams, I usually disregard that kind of organization. But you managed to bring back a meaning to it. And that’s something. At least, it’s enough to make me reconsider my opinion.

    1. Thank you, Giulio. Honestly, yours are some of the comments I always take most seriously and am most interested to read. You never pull your punches, and I really appreciate that. I was nervous about the layout at first, until I figured out a way to make them into a mosaic.



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