Taking a break for a while is definitely good. It was needed. Lots of pizza, TV, and an attempt to cut my own hair after it got butchered by a local shop.

A good weekend all around. Funny that, when I was living in Toronto I would have hated to have stayed for more than a couple of hours in succession. Here, I actually kind of enjoyed it. Am enjoying it.

I guess it goes to show the difference a place can make. 5000 miles from my “real” home yet somehow it feels much more so. I dig the bustle, and the feeling that even though I’m not doing something I’m doing “something.”

Albeit, cutting my own hair was probably not a good idea, lol.

Be real, kids.

서울, South Korea.


  1. The color tone you use really nice, and the composition is good aswell, you know I am living in a different city too from last 2 years now even though in the same country but still a different place, When we are at our home city there’s this feeling of comfort and belonging and in the new one’s we are kinda always on the search for finding something that provides that comfort, So like you said in midst of the bustle sometimes we still feel like we are doing something even though we are doing nothing and need a break lol

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