Smokes and Makeup



The most common moments I dig the most. What came before and after I don’t care much for. I used to take photos in the street, searching for the perfect moment. Perfect moments don’t much exist in my estimation.

It’s the moments in between that are the best. They are the most raw and the most real. I spent four or five years looking for things to photograph. My life was based around the nonsensical idea that I there was a perfect moment around every street corner. Stupid.


I’m not sure where along the line, although it was certainly fairly recently, that I came to a realization that should have been fucking obvious from the start.

Live first, take some photos later.



I spent way too long living to take photos and not nearly long enough taking photos of myself living.

People asked me why I deleted my entire library a couple of weeks ago. People asked me if I had gone fucking mad. I have never thought more clearly. I deleted every photo I took before figuring out the above.

Needed to be done. I couldn’t look at any of them any more. Didn’t need to.

5 thoughts on “Smokes and Makeup

    • Hi…
      First time i reply to a blog-post… so forgive me if i do not respet unwritten rules…

      Need to say i really like this pictures, i’m a “photographer” too and love these Black ‘n withe you.

  1. Hey Josh. Two important lessons i’ve learnt reading your posts: live first..and take photos of the important people in your life rather than strangers.

    Thanks for the reminder. My pics have improved heaps since i took that advice. They mean something to me now.

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