One’s Self


No matter how much one plays, drinks, fucks, talks, smokes, whatever..

They end up like this.

One can only count on one’s self. There’s no forever. Only, for now. The only bond one has is with one’s self.

The man that is happiest is first  happy with himself. The man most at peace is the man first at peace with himself.

Otherwise, he has nothing. Fuck relying on others.

Fuck it.

Love yourself.

One must live for one’s self.


  1. Ok – but (and I always hate saying ‘but’) … I feel like an ‘old man on a farm’ (there is a Randy Newman song) it’s wasting vast energy (ener-Ghee – like the people in India maybe would say) … And – I often enjoy to say ‘And’ – cos that makes even a bad story continue ,-) complaining about ‘Fuck relying on others’. It’s just … life. Wouldn’t you like to share Mose Allison and me having an agreement like …

    If this life is driving
    You to drink
    You sit around and wondering
    Just what to think
    Well I got some consoloation
    I’ll give it to you
    If I might
    Well I don’t worry bout a thing
    Cause I know nothings gonna be alright

    You know this world is just one big
    Trouble spot because
    Some have plenty and
    Some have not
    You know I used to be trouble but I finally
    Saw the light
    Now I don’t worry bout a thing
    Cause I know nothings gonna be alright

    Don’t waste you time trying to
    Be a go getter
    Things will get worse before they
    Get any better
    You know there’s always somebody playing with
    But I don’t worry about a thing
    Cause I know nothing’s gonna be alright

    Real and all sincerely,

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