The Culture: Choices

Toronto, July 2013.
Toronto, July 2013.

Nothing but a series of choices. For better or worse. Good or bad.

Nothing but choices.

The last four months I’ve sat on the periphery of a family. Watching from the outside has given me a different perspective.

A decision made today is tantamount to both an opening and closure. Not mutually exclusive every decision comes with both.

I’m not sure there ever is a right decision.

The right choice.

It’s more a matter of balance. Tempering the positive and living with the negative.

Not being more than half done this project I’ve changed my vision of it so many times. Whatever started out to be a story of art has quickly become a story of man. A story of a family.

A family making decisions and dealing with choices.

A friend asked me yesterday what I’d learned from the experience so far.

I’m not entirely sure yet.

Toronto, July 2013.
Toronto, July 2013.



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  1. Tus fotos son muy buenas. Yo he captado algo parecido desde México. La vida cotidiana, lo que somos, lo que nos importa. Es un tema muy sociológico.

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