Timing (from The Culture)

Toronto, June 2013.
Toronto, June 2013.


I fucking hate bad timing. An offshoot of bad luck, only bad timing feels worse.

At least luck feels uncontrollable.

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Sick of that, too. What reason? Lately, it’s a disjointed notion. Feels like running this fucked up emotional gambit full of equally fucked up ebbs and flows.


Holding hands through a crowd.


At the airport saying goodbye.

No cause for anger, being as there is no way to combat whats long been set.

Just fucked up timing.

Toronto, June 2013.
Toronto, June 2013.


Back in a coffee shop weeding through photos I’ve taken whilst being part of this new world.

Took me to these. Perhaps they are just for me; their dichotomy provide me a positive example of how timing isn’t always bad.

Things do sometimes happen for a reason. Growing and changing.

Living and learning.

Blaming timing is a cop out. An immature venting method allowing momentary reprieve from the “what could have been?” reflex.

Live and learn.

Grow and change.






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