Project update: The Culture

From, "The Culture"
From, “The Culture”

I’m really excited that my project, The Culture, is just about ready to go live on my portfolio.

The project follows the life of a Korean tattoo artist over the course of half a year in Toronto. Brad, the “master” of Soul Train Tattoo is one of the most genuine individuals I’ve ever met. He and his wife and daughter treated me like part of the family and I feel ever so blessed to say that the friendship we made will be one I will always cherish.

The project took place over five months as part of one of the biggest photo endeavors I’ve taken on. It was a great experience. I’ve learned a great deal about these people and about myself. A great deal about loyalty and family. About struggles, hardship, and perseverance. Big thanks to a great group of people.

It will go live end of this week.

Stay tuned.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I love being back in Korea. Love it. Love Seoul, all of it. I haven’t felt at peace like this in maybe, ever?

That being said, I miss the people in Toronto. I miss the time I spent there. Relationships, I’ll cherish forever. It’s during the hardest times you see the reality of your friends and the people who care about you.

Sometimes friends can be closer than family.

Outtake from my nearly finished project, The Culture.



Manitoba, 2008.
Manitoba, 2008.

The perfection of imperfection.

A series of imperfections, any life or person. Perfect, isn’t reality.

Memories are always of the imperfect. The quirkiness of a person is often the crux of their charm. The imperfections of anything is often it’s strongest catalyst for interest.

A person’s inner struggle is often related to their perceived imperfection. My own struggles not withstanding. To tell someone to forget these struggles is as trite as having them in the first place.

The idiosyncrasies of an individual are intrinsic.

Completely so.

I remember the way I felt when my Dad would try to be “cool.” I remember how unbelievably annoyed I always felt when he told me to close his car doors more gently. The way he reminded my friends of Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

I laugh, now. Some of the fondest memories I have are of my father being his “way.”

Miss him today.

No more than yesterday,
no less than tomorrow.


Newfoundland: Coming Soon

Newfoundland, August, 2013.
Newfoundland, August, 2013.

My project, based on my trip back to Newfoundland this summer is almost ready for print. Hard to go through these photos, in fact. A beautiful place, my homeland.

The land may very well be cold, the sea breeze bristling the senses of even the toughest man. The people, however hearty they may be are filled with a warmth not easily found elsewhere.

Newfoundland, August, 2013.

The project will be shown here.

For no one

Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.
Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.

For no one.

I do this for no one. The battle is all internal.

As is the gratification.

I used to care about opinion. I used to give a fuck. Used to wait on flickr favorites and facebook likes. Superficial bullshit.

I don’t do this for anyone else. I’m looking for something deeper than the instant buzz of social media.

I needn’t look anything further than the face in the mirror. It’s not about anyone else.

We all have a story to tell. A musician writes a song. A writer pens a poem or a novella.

I take pictures.

No apologies, just telling my story. What I see while I walk is no one’s story but my own. Nothing more or less.

Copies of copies of copies.To me a photograph immortalizes nothing more than a memory. Nothing more than a moment I once experienced. I’m not to judge where reality begins and ends.

I’m just walking


The reason for the change in style of my blog is that I want my blog to become more of a diary than a place to post photos. I have a portfolio where my projects get posted and post my photos in a plethora of places. I want this to be a place I come to write. My tumblr also gets updated at the same time and has a similar style. A journal of my time in Korea and otherwise.